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Digital Art Supplies for Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, & Paint Shop Pro


Welcome to our digital art supplies website for Photoshop presets, plug-ins, special effects, tubes, backgrounds, fonts, banners, templates, animations, and clipart (and later, presets for Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro, and Corel). SOME are even free. Plus, we have  lots of other great FREE stuff to WOW and astound you with our work so, hopefully, you will be severely hooked and; therefore, enticed to buy more.


All the graphics on this page (and on this site) use our Photoshop brushes, styles, shapes, patterns, textures, & gradients (and all are either FREE or for sale at ridiculously low prices). ALL OF OUR WORK is high resolution, compatible with any version of Photoshop that uses the standard preset extensions (that is .asl for styles, .pat for patterns, .abr for brushes, etc.). And ALL OF OUR patterns, styles, and textures are created as seamless tiles, that is, they tile continuously across the page, image, or text without those squared off edges.


Each collection includes 50+ presets with an image file that shows samples of every preset in each collection (in alphabetical order), so you can refer to these master files to quickly locate the preset you're looking for; a very nice addition for artists and designers working on deadlines. So, please browse around and see what we offer.


More FREE Stuff

We hope you enjoy the free samples. We have been redesigning the site and uploading new merchandise for a month. We changed our hosting service, so the site is still a bit unorganized. If you find a missing page, a broken link, or any other malfunction, please let us know and we'll have it repaired right away.


NOTE: Free samples are available (left column), just click the "Free" Icons to download.






Incredible Presets, Amazing Photoshop Styles

"I have used Photoshop for 20+ years, and these are the most incredible presets (amazing styles) I have ever seen. Sure, I can create my own styles, patterns, brushes, etc., but it takes hours to create a dozen or so quality brushes or styles, and I'd rather spend that time creating my artwork." —Jack Duncan; Artist, Graphic/Web Designer; Production House Studios





These Styles Are Better Than Anything I Ever Created!

"I have timed the preset process (& I work really fast), and I have spent entire evenings looking for just the right patterns, experimenting with all the settings, and mixing the colors and gradients, just to end up with six or seven decent, usable styles. No thanks. Let them do the dull stuff. I have to spend my time on our real (paying) projects. Besides, these patterns, gradients, and styles are better than anything I ever created!" —Lacey McMillan; Interactive Production Artist, Illustrator, Animator; Time Warner









Top Quality Styles, Brushes, Shapes, & More


"For $6-$12 per set, this site offers 50-55 top quality styles, brushes, shapes, etc., and they are all batched by category, so I don't have to waste even more time looking for the holiday styles and brushes when I need hearts for Valentine's Day pages or tinsel for Christmas tree ads. I have created over 900 advertisements using these styles, brushes, shapes, etc., and saved my company hundreds of hours in labor." —Ben Friars; Production Artist/Asst Production Manager; Grey Advertising







Styles, Shapes, & Patterns Are Clean, Creative, & Professional

"Have you ever noticed that a lot of the presets from those 'free' sites are junk? The shapes are sloppy and copied from fonts and symbol sets; the styles are often the same design repeated over and over with just one minor change; and the patterns don't match  (that is, the designers don't know how to modify a design so it tiles continually; i.e., so the design is repeated without visual breaks/borders). The textures are the same way, they don't form a continuous design. The gradients aren't too bad, but are often too simplistic for practical use. The worst; however, are the brushes. The designers create negatives instead of positives, transparents instead of solids, and they often cut off the background areas so a brushed image of space has a squared off border around the star field.


In these cases, free IS NOT REALLY FREE. It takes time to download the preset; unzip it; copy it to the preset folder; and then load, append, or replace the current library in Photoshop so I can use it. Then, of course, I have to test the merchandise. And that's when I get frustrated. So many of them are such crap, I wish I had not wasted my time. That said, I have used the presets from this site for years and these artists know their stuff. Their work is clean, creative, professional, and very well done. I recommend this site and its products to every graphic artist and digital designer on the planet. That's how great these products are." —Michael Patterson; Freelance Digital Artist, Photographer









Styles & Patterns Grouped By Collection (Christmas, Winter, Gardens, etc.)

"The styles offered on this site are the best I've seen anywhere, even from my colleagues at work. The prices are so reasonable, I can't resist buying every new style, brush, and shape collection they offer. In addition to the amazing, high resolution quality and the unique creativity, I really appreciate that they 'name' each collection and each style, brush, and shape within each collection. When I'm in a rush and desperately searching for a specific preset that I liked and used on another project, I can never remember those ridiculous generic names such as 42, style 88, 17a, P10, ss12, etc.


These artists group their styles (brushes, patterns, textures, etc.) into collections that make sense such as Winter, Christmas, Glitter, Gardens, etc. And the styles in each collection are also labeled with descriptive titles such as harvest dew, pumpkin pie, tinsel town, etc. These I can remember when I need to re-use them on future projects. For example, I have used tinsel town and harvest dew on several dozen different projects. Great stuff, really great work!" —Dana Rhodes; Graphic Artist, Web Designer; Imation Studios









It Takes Hours to Create 50 Usable Styles, I'd Rather Just Buy Them!

"I tried using some of those generic 'free' styles that you get off those so-called 'free websites' (you know, the ones drenched in advertisements and pop-ups), but it just takes too much time to download. And then I have to pick thru the collection for decent styles and, generally, I end up with only one or two decent, usable styles. I'd rather just pay $6 to $12 for a professional collection and concentrate on my projects. Besides, it takes hours to create 50+ good, usable styles and for $6 to $10, that's nothing. On my salary, that's like getting 50 styles for five minutes of my time. NO ONE can create 50 styles in five minutes, not even 50 bad ones. Plus, they provide a master PDF file that shows pictures of each individual preset in each collection (in alphabetical order). So I can open the PDF file and quickly browse for the preset I need without having to load every style or preset file in my library. Thanks guys, good job, great work!" —Evan Goldberg; Art Director; Shadowfax Advertising































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