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How to Purchase Our Merchandise thru PayPal

  •     The PayPal "Shopping Cart" and "View Cart" buttons are at the bottom of every merchandise page.

  •     Click the  "Shopping Cart" button to add the merchandise on that page to your cart.

  •     This site automatically transfers you to the PayPal site and the following screen displays:








  •     Your merchandise, quantity, and price are all listed.

  •     If you want to purchase additional products, click the "Continue Shopping" button and the following screen appears:







  •     Click "Yes" to continue shopping and PayPal transfers you back to this site. You can then visit other merchandise pages and continue adding products to your cart.
  •     Each time you add a product to your cart, the dialogue box above appears and you must respond.
  •     When you are finished adding items to your cart, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button.









  •     PayPal then displays the "Log In" screen.














  •     If you are registered with PayPal, just log in, and the system transfers directly to the payment screen.
  •     Follow the screen instructions to make your payment and, when finished, PayPal transfers you back to this site. 
  •     If you are not registered, select the "Continue" link (bottom center) where it asks: Don't have a PayPal account? Just follow the screen instructions to get your account setup in PayPal, make your payment and, when finished, PayPal sends you back here.
  •     Unless you choose to Cancel your purchase, both existing and new members are transferred to our "What Happens Now?" screen.
  •     Basically, PayPal sends us an email with your purchase information, and then we send you an email link for where you can directly download the products you ordered.
  •     The Usage Contract is also on this screen. Don't worry, it's short and painless (in a nutshell, you can use the products any way you like except you can't resell them or pirate them to others.

 Click the snow globe below, if you'd like to review the Usage Contract before you make a purchase.











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