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What's the difference between styles, patterns, & textures? Styles use patterns, textures, gradients, colors, and lots of great special effects to achieve very unique results such as multiple dimensions, metallics, sparkles & glitter, luminescence & glowing haloes, textured & reflected surfaces, refracted & shadowed lighting, and so much more. Patterns (color) and textures (black & white) can be used to create styles or independently to enhance your text and images.

Terms of Use:
All presets in this collection can be used for personal or commercial use in/on any project. Our only restrictions are this: No redistribution (sharing with friends and/or colleagues) or sales of our presets (individually, within kits, or other collections) are allowed; i.e., no pirating. Hey guys, our prices are so low, they're almost free, and if we can't make a minimal profit (at least enough to pay for the site), this site will disappear. So please, in this case, don't share. Thanks so much for your support.







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